Product Description

The ConveyX Solutions, LLC Sanitizing Conveyor system offers a sanitizing process for Pick and Pack operations. The system applies a fine mist or spray of sanitizing solution to the surface of totes or other products that have a hard, non-porous surface as they move through the conveyor tunnel. The solution is supplied from a central supply line or the system’s reservoir. Benefits workers, customers and carriers by reducing the risk of contamination from totes and other products while receiving, processing, shipping, or storing. This innovative design applies the customer specified and sourced solution to products with hard non-porous surfaces as they are received, processed, and before they are dispatched or stored.

  • Safe and easy to operate with push button controls and contained sanitization chamber.
  • Mobility and versatility that can be added to an existing conveyor system or manually managed.
  • 360° spray coverage.
  • Quick set-up with single phase plug and play simplicity.
  • The system comes with a solution filter and a reservoir to extend the time between solution refills.
  • Tunnel models available in two widths 18″ and 36″ to handle a range of product dimensions.