ConveyX Corp. (CXC) offers a variety of options and accessories to support the Powered Flex and Gravity
Flex Conveyor products for material handling applications. These options and accessories assist in the safe
movement, storage, and operation for both the equipment and worker.

Power Assist

ConveyX Corp. (CXC) Power Assist is an economical option to ease the movement of Powered Flex Conveyors in and out of trailers, reposition for convenient access or return to a storage location.


  • Utilizes a single point of contact to maximize maneuverability of the conveyor.
  • Bolted and welded construction for ease of installation, maintenance, and durability.
  • Works with ConveyX Powered Flex or Gravity Impact carts.
  • Simple forward/reverse controls.
  • Integrated with a Power Flex Conveyor for seamless controls and operation.
  • Can be attached/detached from Powered Flex Conveyor to service multiple conveyors and dock doors (optional and tools required).
Power Assist Operator Angle